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Do you need someone to help you accelerate profits, drive revenue, or more fully engage your patients, donors and customers?  

Healthcare is a fast-moving, ever-changing and highly technical field.  It demands a writer who knows the industry and speaks the language. Someone with the marketing and editorial skills to tell your story persuasively, and in an authentic and compelling way.

As a healthcare copywriter and consultant, I’ve worked in, and written for, the healthcare industry for more than a decade.  I know how to write clear, benefits-oriented copy that will engage your audience and get them to take action.

I’ve also been in your shoes. So I understand the critical importance of a deadline — of always coming through and meeting all your commitments. Because the last thing you need as a busy marketing professional is to play babysitter.Logos for WebpageIn other words, I can help you manage your workload, make money, grab attention, and grow market share. And I do the complex jobs no one has time to do.  Like those copywriting projects or initiatives that have to be done, but that can swamp busy Marketing and Corporate Communications departments:

My award-winning editorial, media and marketing efforts have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned media exposure for my clients.

I’d like to help you achieve similar results.

Discover how I may be able to help you by taking a look at my Why Hire Me and Portfolio pages. Then give me a call at 425-355-1953, or email me at cynthia@cynthiakincaid.com, and let’s talk about getting started on your next project.