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Do you need to accelerate profits, drive revenue, more fully engage your customers, or grow market share?

I can help.

I am committed to helping clients just like you drive the kind of sales that makes a real difference to the bottom line.

I do this by producing compelling and engaging marketing communications copy that motivates your target audience to take the next step.  In other words, I can help you manage your workload, make money, grab attention, and grow market share.

It’s no secret that many Corporate Communications and Marketing departments have cut personnel and slashed budgets.  But the workload hasn’t diminished. I understand that.

I recognize the pressures you are under and the deadlines you have to meet.  I have worked as a marketing and communications executive for several large organizations.  As a consultant and copywriter, I have worked with more than 60 companies and publications across the nation, including Fortune 500 corporations, middle market companies, healthcare organizations, financial services firms, associations, and non-profits. I also hold a degree in Journalism and 12 national industry awards for my work.

My award-winning editorial, media and marketing efforts have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned media exposure for my clients.

I’d like to help you achieve the same results.

I can manage your project or initiative from idea to finished product or campaign.  If you need additional help with art direction, printing, graphic or website design, I can assist you with that, as well.

If you need messaging that motivates, sells, and educates your target audience, give me a call. I can create the kind of persuasive copy that boosts sales, drives revenue, captures media attention, and fully engages employees, customers, and shareholders.

Just give me a call at 425-355-1953, or email me at cynthia@cynthiakincaid.com, and let’s get started on your next project.